Left Brain + Right Brain (Analytics + Creativity)

Digital Marketing is one of the fields where both creativity and analytics are involved. Some marketers are very analytical and they can run large-scale traffic campaigns and do SEO. Some marketers are very creative and they can create new marketing angles and put them down on a sales copy. Some marketers have an eye for design.

When you are focusing on lead generation, you need to make both your left brain and right brain work. The left brain is known for its analytical skills and the right brain is known for its creativity.

The content that I am writing right now is a right-brain activity. Writing is a creative process and gets better with time. Apart from the knowledge I have about Digital Marketing and lead generation, I have also got better at writing articles to convey the thoughts in my mind into lucid text which can be absorbed by my readers.

However, my creativity cannot drive growth by itself. The creative work (articles, ebooks, courses) is only built on top of an analytical foundation.

For example, the leads for this particular course is generated via Facebook Ads and Google Ads. I have to make sure that I am getting an ROI on the ad spend. If I am selling this course for, let’s say, 100 INR, then the cost of each conversion should be less than 100 INR. Only then I am going to make a profit. If I spend 200 INR to get a conversion for 100 INR each then I wouldn’t be able to support my creative work. The fact that I am making a profit from this campaign makes sure that I am getting paid for my time and am able to invest time and energy in writing the articles.

I can also choose to give this Lead Generation Course for free but I have to track how much I am getting in return through the leads in the form of future sales.

For example, if this lead generation course is given for free, it will not cost 100 INR per conversion. Instead, it will cost me around 10 INR for every lead. In the long term, I should be able to make 50 INR per lead or more (at least) by promoting my Lead Generation Mastery course or other products that I have. If I am not analytical and not tracking all these metrics then the campaign cannot run for a long time.

That’s why as a digital marketer, you need to be good with both your brains. Your analytical left brain is going to support the creative right brain. Without getting your numbers right, you cannot do any creative work. People who are not analytical end up blaming the system that they are working so hard to do creative work but no one is taking them seriously. Good content and creative work are important but marketing it and spreading the word is even more important.

That’s your lesson for today. Know your numbers and be analytical.